Girly Things Men Secretly Want From Their Wives

There are some advices that may seem invalidated when it comes to the likes of men. They seem petty but let me tell you that most relationships are destroyed not by the very big things but by these small things that ladies are negligent about.

Men love complements. There are some things that men do in order to please their women. They afterwards love to be complimented and if that does not come, things usually start to fall apart. A man married for fourteen years was called upon to make a speech in a certain congress. He prepared a very powerful speech with the minds of impressing not the audience but his wife. After the presentation, a dozen people congratulated him but his wife didn’t. This was the beginning of a rocky journey that culminated in to a divorce.

what men secretly wantMen like women who listen to what they say. This is what men secretly want. Not only listening but also walking according to their wishes. This is a weakness several ladies have. They only want to talk about themselves and do what pleases them at the expense of the interests of their men. It becomes worse when she knows that you love her so much and she thinks you cannot leave her. It will be too late for you when it dawns on you that he has left you simply because you didn’t listen.

If a guy tells you something, try to remember it because men will rarely tell you something if it is not worth being remembered. When a guy tells you of a time he intends to do something for his family and expects your participation, it will be very disappointing if that time comes and you claim that you had forgotten about that.

Lastly, learn to give your man some attention. When he is addressing you on some issues and you are not concentrating or you argue about very serious issues, it will click in his mind that you are undermining his authority. This can be catastrophic.

What You Will Exactly Get With Magnetic Messaging

This is a behind the scenes look at one of the most powerful attraction courses on the market called Magnetic Messaging. The course is designed exclusively for guys who are still very active in the dating game. Created by Bobby Rio, the course is aimed at building confidence in guys who would otherwise find it difficult to approach women.

magnetic messaging

The entire course can be split into three major steps: the meeting, the phone game, and the date. While all the three stages are discussed in the course, the main focus is the ‘phone game’ and specifically text messaging as it is arguably the most ubiquitous form of communication today.

The course introduces a unique messaging technique dubbed the ‘keylock sequence’. Basically, you can use this technique to score a date with any woman. If you want to go beyond a date, there are more techniques showing you how to advance from the dating stage to a full relationship.

The phone game is about sparking emotions in the girl of your desires, creating a connection, and sealing the deal.

Besides the various texting techniques, the course digs deep into the psychology of women and their behavior in a relationship.

One of the bonus items that will interest you is the collection of sample texts you can use for learning. There are texts for various scenarios, so you just relate to those that apply to your particular situation. That being said, you cannot use the exact same words as used in the sample texts.

These texts can work on any girl even if you’ve known them for a while or you tried dating them and they ‘friend-zoned’ you. You simply have to change their opinion of you.

However, the author explains that the texting technique might not work for ex-girlfriends for various reasons.

Enchant Him Love Guide Helps Women Attract and Keep Men

enchant himMany women will tell you that attracting men is not so hard to do, but keeping them for a long time can be a tall order. That’s because men tend to get bored in relationships, so they soon get tempted to stray when some pretty young thing catches their eye. When that happens, dumped ladies are left scratching their heads and wondering what they did wrong.

Now, at last, there’s a product that shows women how to snag a man and, more importantly, keep him for the long haul. The lady behind the product is Carrie Engel, and she has certainly pulled out all the stops in developing a love guide for women that is worth its weight in gold.

Carrie Engel brings to the plate extensive professional experience as a relationship coach but, in addition, she learnt a lot from what went wrong in her own liaisons in the past with a string of men. Eventually the penny dropped, and Engel realized she had the knowledge to put together Enchant Him, which is an amazing self-help love guide for women.

Of course, Engel’s recipe for relationship success cannot really be summed up in a few words, but you could say that it is necessary to keep the fires of romance blazing. If you don’t, you are likely to pay a heavy price.

There are seven major tips in Carrie Engel’s book, and at the core of them is the idea that men and women approach love and relationships differently. In order to succeed in the love game, Engel says women need to get inside a man’s head, and that doing so will pay massive dividends. On the flipside, looking at the situation only according to one’s own, feminine perspective is what leads to trouble.

A big bonus for anyone considering Carrie Engel’s product is that the author offers all her buyers a sixty-day money-back guarantee if they are not entirely satisfied with their purchase.